Diameter:  110mm
Length:  240mm
Thrust:  35 Newtons (7.8 lbs)
Max revs:  97,000 rpm
Weight:  0.975 KG


This engine has been developed by Geoff Vaizey over a number of years. The size and power output is much the same as the improved Schreckling FD3 64 variants. The compressor is a specially designed aluminium compressor that is of light weight. The combustion chamber is slightly different to the Kamps / KJ66 designs but has rear sticks feeding the fuel to the front of the engine.


The diffuser assembly is made up from aluminium as is the front cover which is spun into shape. The central tube is Stainless steel and has the smaller ballraces that are used in the FD3 64. The outer can is the familiar gas canister and the Combustion chamber and rear NGV assembly is in stainless steel (UK spec 316 or 310).


This is specially machined for the engine and is available for purchase completed. The design is an open fronted version of the FD3 64 compressor. It is mated into a spun aluminium front cover.

Turbine wheel

The turbine wheel is available in cast Inconel 713 handed for the anti-clockwise rotation of the engine. the alternative is to make one preferably from Inconel 718 to the published design.


The bearings are ISO 688 16mm x 6mm with an 8mm bore. They are cheap and able to withstand the light loads from this engine. At the rear Geoff uses a novel technique to preload the bearings. He uses a pair of bearings sprung apart with a spacer.

PT - 35

This engine has been made and flown by a number of people. The combination of light weight and reasonable power levels make it a good choice for the first time constructor. Geoff is developing a higher output engine the PT 75 .