Phoenix 30.3 & MK4


Diameter:  111mm
Length:  250mm
Thrust:  25 lbs
Max revs:  115,000 rpm
Temp:  580 deg C
Weight:  4.2 lbs
Lubrication:  Kero / 2cycle oil (2 %).

Historic information

The 30.3 prototype first ran in June 1998. It was visualised as a low cost alternative to the AMT Pegasus (it actually turned out 1 lb lighter). The Mk4 upgrade came along in November 2000. Basically the same engine but with larger bearings, better combustor and intake.  Designed and developed by Phillip Heward.


This engine makes an important contribution to the stable of home built designs. Phil Heward the designer has had considerable success over the years with his engines and has concentrated on the use of both the compressor and the turbine from a turbo charger. (The name comes from the 3rd development of his 30th engine design since 1983 when he began experimenting with turbine engines). This has the advantage that the 2 parts are a matched pair but the disadvantage that the turbine is heavier than an axial turbine wheel. As a result the engine is slightly heavier than the alternative designs of similar thrust. Phil has been able to demonstrate that his last design was able to run for extended periods of time and had introduced some welcome reliability into these engines. Drawings and all parts for the latest version of this design are available from Phil.

Below is a picture of a recumbent bike that was seen at many shows with the old design Phoenix strapped to it demonstrating the reliability of the engine!


Phil has completely redesigned the engine with the aim of reducing the case size to the now standard 111mm dia. This will make retrofitting the engine into a plane an easier task. This redesign has been a considerable achievement as it has meant a complete redesign of the combustion chamber amongst other things.

The engine produces a lot of thrust at relatively low rpm (20 lbs at 105,000 rpm). When flying the engine will not be highly stressed unless in a really large plane and then only at takeoff. The prototype is running at the design temperature of 550C.


The engine is made from the usual materials. The compressor is a 75mm GARRETT  T04E. The outer case is TIG or Spot-welded 304 Stainless steel. The intake is spun alluminium made from two layers for extra strength. The front shaft is from EN24T and is screwed onto the existing turbocharger shaft. The NGV blades are made from Inconel 600 and welded into 316 Stainless inner and outer rings. The combustion chamber is made from two spun inner halves and an outer liner, with Inconel 800 "D stick" burners.


GARRETT 442476-14.

Turbine wheel

GARRETT 451309-2.


GRW iso6000 (10 x 26 x 8) full complement ceramic.


Phoenix 30-3 / MK4.
There is no current information on sources for parts.